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I remember how overwhelming being a new mother can be, so I wanted to create a place that new mothers could go to get accurate and up-to-date parenting advice. I have experience in the Psychology field and have worked in child-care, along with taking care of two kiddos of my own.

The definition of enlightened is “having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.” This is my goal–to provide you with research-based information during your journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

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Best Pregnancy Movies

Pregnancy is the best time to go ahead and watch all of the best pregnancy movies. Personally, I was pretty lucky in both of my pregnancies. I didn’t experience a lot of the common uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. I think the worst thing I probably experienced was heartburn.  Admittedly, the heartburn was pretty terrible. Related: Third Trimester … Read More about Best Pregnancy Movies

Delicious Candy Cane Pie

I have been doing a whole series on different holiday treats this year, as I made myself a goal to spend some time actually cooking. This time we decided to make a candy cane pie.  As always, I don’t claim to be an amazing cook. It’s all about the journey though, right? If you are … Read More about Delicious Candy Cane Pie

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